Build A Lasting Relationship With Your Customers And Inspire Them To Keep Shopping!

MemberBox connects Buyers, Brands, and Traffic Sources in a way that’s never been done before!

Yes, MemberBox was created so that Brands like you, can socially sell within one ecosystem and monetize traffic like never before.

  • ​Acquire & Retain customers more economically
  • Grow a followers base to tell your story
  • Resell your followers without penalty
  • Be protected from piracy

How It Works

Steps to Build Your Successful

  • Customer Buys
    From You

  • You Post Engaging Content & Offers

  • We Share It With
    Your Followers

  • Your Followers Keep Shopping With You

Memberbox University

Memberbox University

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

“After selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay for so many years, we more than see the importance of connecting with each and every customer to ensure they are educated on our product(s); as well as, to cultivate a lasting relationship. Since using MemberBox, we are now able to reach out to our own customers; in turn, creating a bigger and broader "Better Way Health Family." This ensures recurring business and lasting friendships to help build rapport, reviews, and "word of mouth" on the high quality products and people we surround our business with.”

Steven Sellers

Better Way Health

“This great marketplace is like Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook all rolled into one. MemberBox isn’t going to steal my customer data and turn around and sell it somewhere else; this is a much better marketplace. The Seller onboarding process is very easy and so simple and intuitive. I’m grateful to be a part of this platform. Finally, I get to keep my customers.”

Mira Dessy

The Ingredient Guru

“The dark side of Amazon is killing our business, but we need a selling platform that aggregates multiple brands on one site. Memberbox is a perfect fit!”

Erik Olson

Dignity Coconuts

“As a small business ourselves, we appreciate other small businesses that are not only innovative, but aim to help others. MemberBox easily falls into this category. MemberBox offers us a unique opportunity to scale our brand, keep our customers, and monetize them in a way that was never before possible with other platforms. Using this new platform allows us to connect with customers on a more personal level, lets us tell them the story behind our brand, and build individual relationships with these consumers to keep them coming back.”

Nikki Ortiz


Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Start your FREE Trial Today and when we turn on Affiliate Traffic and start promoting your offers to our affiliate network, you will then be billed only $97 per month (70% OFF).
YES! We pay our traffic partners (affiliates) 5-10% of all sales
MemberBox provides Sellers and Affiliates alike with a dashboard where they can track and choose offers to promote based on many quality scores like conversion rate, earnings per click, and more.
No way! You can keep your main business intact. MemberBox is simply another channel for you to sell your products and build a brand.
No way! You can keep your main business intact. MemberBox is simply another channel for you to sell your products and build a brand
You absolutely can.
We do have a full-time, in-house service team; however, you have the ability to communicate directly with your customer
We are currently in early stage development with 2 fulfillment companies; however, once you join, please let your account executive know which partner you use and we will explore integrations.
Sellers are responsible for shipping and fulfilling orders
You can simply offer free shipping or charge your customer for shipping. You can easily manage this in your product listing.
MemberBox will solicit verified purchase reviews for our sellers to ensure they are properly represented on the marketplace
  • E-Commerce Owners
  • Amazon Store Owners
  • Authors
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local Businesses
  • And So Many More…
  • Customer Receives Order:
    • Within 2 Days = 13%
    • Within 4 Days = 15%
    • Over 5 Days = 17%
  • 2.9% Merchant Processing + 30¢ (per transaction)
  • 1% Membership Loyalty Fee